10 Apr: Beautiful Crazy
Have you heard the song Beautiful Crazy by Luke Combs? It’s one of my favs!!! Some of the lyrics are Beautiful, crazy, SHE can’t help but amaze me…Yeah, SHE’s crazy, but her crazy is beautiful to me. He is singing about his girl…the crowd says AWWWWWW.
07 Mar: NOT Today!
Have you ever felt ……. _______________________. Just blank? Well, same. Just two weeks ago I was writing to you about how I was made new, I felt on top of the world with sun-kissed skin, my soul was refreshed, and that I was THRIVING because I had some much-needed beach time with my main beach, Heather, in Miami.
13 Feb: Be My Galentine
I know many of you have romantic interests, are in relationships or are married and we celebrate that love tomorrow.. but today, let’s celebrate our BFF’s, girlfriends, baes, gal pals, girl gangs and boo thangs in our lives because the girls who love and support you are just as priceless.
I AM SQUEALING RIGHT NOW! Do you want to know why? No, it’s not because I have a new puppy in the house. Well.. I’m kind of squealing because of that, too. But for real, it’s because my favorite girl preacher, Bianca Olthoff, is coming all the way from California to our next i am she. revival event! I mean who wouldn’t be fan-girling a little bit to finally be able to meet someone they’ve been following and cheering on (from afar) for years!?
24 Jan: YOU, sis, are doing BETTER than you think you are!
You are doing better than you think you are. Take a minute and let that sink in. I know some of you are already making a mental list of all the reasons how you’re not. You know how I know? Because that’s the first thing I naturally do too.

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