17 Jan: YESSS Queen!
REAL Queens polish each other’s crowns. That means even when SHE is doing better than you, making more moves than you, falling in love, planning the wedding of her dreams, getting married, having a baby, buying a house, making new friends, and stepping up to go to new levels you cheer her on.
Can I get vulnerable? I don’t know if we are there yet in our relationship, but I am gonna get us there by jumping in with both feet. I’ve asked you to do that from the very first blog post so here goes…we are in the second week of the new year, and I’m already struggling with my word of the year.
03 Jan: NEW
Wow, just take a second to think about that…Happy NEW Year. This year can be anything you want it to be just by waking up and going after the goals you’ve set for yourself. Create a brand new you- right now you are a blank page, a fresh start, a new story.
20 Dec: “Present” to the Moment
Listen, I know this is the busiest time of the year for you, but I want you to take a deep breath. Maybe a very deep breath. Slow down while you’re busy. I know some of you just had a very sarcastic LOL moment and thought, “yeah right, Mindy, it’s not the time for it, sis” but hear me out…
13 Dec: Growth is Always Out of Your Comfort Zone
Can we talk about comparison for a minute? Trust me, I know we really don’t wanna talk about it because it forces us to look at ourselves in the mirror and sometimes what we see isn’t so pretty. Amirite? We’ve all been there. But can I tell you, we never grow until we get vulnerable and uncomfy and face it. Growth will always be beyond your comfort zone.

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