06 Dec: And So It Began
Welcome back, sis! I hope you accepted the challenge and revisited your dreams or started to dream again from my last post. My greatest desire is for i am she. revival to be a community of women supporting and empowering other women. This leads me into a little bit of my own story and how this revival began.
01 Dec: Fashioned For A Purpose
My guess is you have a very specific reason you have connected here, and my second guess is that this will be different for each person. I can’t wait to get to know you! So, WELCOME! To this blog, to my life, and to our new friendship- I’m so happy that you’re here; I’ve been waiting for you. My hope is that you will find connection in each post, and we can grow together. God is wanting to do a new thing with His girls, and I’m crazy enough to believe He’s going to use us to do it.

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