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Heather Land

Join us September 7th at 6pm with guest speaker Heather Land!
Doors open at 5:30pm at 7209 Fegenbush Lane, Louisville, KY.

Tickets $30  | VIP $75

VIP ticket include: Picture with Heather, T-Shirt, Preferred Seating + Early Entry at 4:45pm

about Heather

Practically overnight, Heather burst through the clutter of the online world with her hi-larious and witty videos, which have garnered more than 300 million views. And she’s captured the attention of more than 2.5 million followers on Facebook.

After privately sharing her hilarious musings about the oddities of daily life to her immediate friends, they dared her to share them publicly. When she reluctantly posted online, millions of people shared the videos and a true social media star was born.

Over the course of only a few months, Heather’s videos were shared by celeb-rities like Miranda Lambert and social tastemakers, immediately connecting with her down-to-earth personality and reaching hundreds of millions of people in the process.

Heather’s audience was first drawn in by her quick wit filtered through a high pitched SnapChat voice changer, but they have remained connected to her because of the way she shows us how to laugh at the chaos we all live through on a daily basis.