You are doing better than you think you are.
Take a minute and let that sink in. I know some of you are already making a mental list of all the reasons how you’re not. You know how I know? Because that’s the first thing I naturally do too.
You know what, let’s pinky promise right now to tell ourselves and someone else today, “Hey girl, you’re doing better than you think you are and I am, too!”
Sometimes you need to give yourself a break, cut out the self-doubt and criticism, and celebrate yourself, even when you’re not feelin’ it.
You are inspiring.
You are kind.
You are brilliant.
You are successful.
You are beautiful.
You are loved.
You are creative.
You can do whatever you set your mind to.
You are powerful.
I know there are days or weeks where you just feel off. Feeling like you aren’t getting enough done, like you don’t measure up, like the things those girls five years ago said about you were true. I get it! On days like those, you have to give yourself grace and maybe a little pep talk.
John C. Maxwell says that we have to “fail forward to success.” That means that we’re going to fail but that we have to learn from our failure and change what we’re doing in order to move forward and find our success. What would happen if you and I would choose to see those off days as nudges to grow? To get better at being vulnerable and asking for help or opening up about how we’re struggling to someone we trust? I pinky promise you that you will feel better about yourself, you will be better for other people, and be able to get back on track quicker. It will start with you believing that you are doing better than you think you are.
So, since we’re being vulnerable here.. honestly, I used to care too much what other people think or say about me. When I allowed myself to think like that, I forgot that I am doing better than I think I am.
God freed me from this 9 years ago. I read a book by Joyce Meyer called Approval Addiction that changed my life and the way I thought about things.  I started living my life in a way that people liked me more, accepted me for who I was, said nicer things about me ….but I was still miserable (and people still talked poorly about me). After a very long and exhausting life of being addicted to the approval of people, I finally realized that I really only wanted the approval of one, and that one was Jesus.
Let me tell you, sis, my life and the way I thought, the way I thought about others, but most importantly, the way I thought about myself went to a whole new level of success after that.
There will always be people, especially women (sad to say), that won’t agree with you and won’t like you just because you have something they want or you are something they aren’t.
I used to be one of those women. It makes me cringe now just thinking about being that way. I saw pretty, successful, and happy women with a strong girl gang as a threat because of my own insecurities at that time in my life. Let me say this a little louder for the ones in the back…IT WAS BECAUSE I DIDN’T LIKE MYSELF.
i am she.revival is all about women supporting, loving, believing, encouraging and empowering women. I have created coping strategies for when I allow what others say about me to affect my thoughts:
  1. I feel empathy for them. (I let it break my heart so I can feel their pain.)
  2. I cut those negative women out of my circle for a season so their negativity doesn’t poison me. (I love them at a distance.)
  3. I pray that God would heal their hearts so they can like themselves. (Give it to God because I am not the Holy Spirit.)
Do you feel like you now have some tools to believe that you are doing better than you think you are? Good. I have an assignment for you this week. I want you to make a list of at least five positive affirmations that you can look in the mirror and speak over yourself this week. You can also look up scriptures of what God says about you. This is even more effective because God’s word doesn’t return void. If you still are feeling like you need a little more encouragement during the week, connect with me on instagram @mindygwatson or the community @iamsherevival. This is what it’s all about.

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LOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE THIS!!!!! >>>>>>I feel empathy for them. (I let it break my heart so I can feel their pain.)I’ve found that God gives me inner healing and peace when I am praying for someone other than myself.

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